The # 1 Most Important Thing I Learned From Charlie That Changed My Life

I am so glad to have the opportunity to write articles that are accepted for posting because there is something I just have to get off my chest. And it has to do with the #1 most important thing I learned from Charlie that changed my life. How? It changed my life, which I feel saved my life from possible ruin and mediocrity. I have to admit, though I do my best to remain in positive reframe and enjoy the advantage of this way of living; I too, can get pretty frustrated at times. One of those times that never seems to disappoint me is when it comes to Continued Education Training. Why? Glad you asked.

Is it just coincidence when I cross paths with many of the same people in classes I attend around the country? Is it coincidence in play once again when I see many of the same people in the different classes I present? And is it coincidence yet again when the people who spend so much time talking and posting on forums about how difficult it is to be successful as a professional hypnotist are the people you will probably not see in classes, seminars, workshops and courses?

When I am asked about my long journey to success, people are surprised at how much reading, training, research, debt, time and energy I have extended and still do to be successful. I should clarify that. People who are successful or are on their way to their success as a professional hypnotist are not surprised at all. Those who are surprised are the same folks that I spoke of previously. Those you will most likely never meet in a class... yet another class  that will help you to your success.

** Note: I speak from experience as I was one of those people who were in their own way, wasting energy, time and ability, while complaining about what was and not doing what was needed to change. This is a good time to tell you about Charlie:

When I was working in my previous career as a dental technician, I would spend most of my day complaining about the laboratory I worked in, the way we did the work, how we were treated, etc. You know, the familiar 9 to 5 war cry of self pity, poor me and “gee, this job sucks!” Then one day Charlie, a fellow worker, said to me, “Tom, I like you, you’re a good guy, but you got to either do something about your situation or accept it and shut up.”

Wow… why don’t you get to your point Charlie? I was proud that I didn't get defensive but it was more like a wake up call and I simply said, “You know what Charlie, you’re right.”

From then on everything changed. I stopped all the excuses and reasoning of why not to do something or make a change and started doing whatever it took. Instead of driving a short 4 miles to work, I took a much better job 70 miles away. It was there that I started working extra hours, read more, attended classes and workshops and got very good at what I did. So good that I started managing dental labs and what went around came back around. As the manager now, I would hear the same rap that I used to give. And I would use the same words that Charlie used with me. “Either accept it or do something about it.”

The #1 most important thing I learned from Charlie that changed my life can be called whatever you like. A wake up call, a kick in the pants, a life reframe, a cold bit of truth, etc. It doesn't really need a term, all that matters is it happened. When you think about it, Charlie was speaking about life in general. It doesn't matter if you are talking about your relationship, living situation, job or career. It doesn't matter whether you are a dental technician or a hypnotist. Regardless of who we are, what we don’t like, want or have, we need to use our time, energy and abilities in a positive reframe and…  “Either accept it or do something about it.” Thanks Charlie!

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