Making Money – A Common Major Conflict For Hypnotists

Did you know it is like an illness in the Holistic Professions, but making money is a common major conflict for hypnotists too.  As much as I believe, as most people would agree, our primary responsibility is to assist the client to their personal goal, one very important factor is overlooked by too many people in “business.” As my colleague once said on a World Hypnotism Day teleseminar, “If you’re not making money... you’re not in business.” But again, let me make this point absolutely clear… our focus is to be on the client and their success and the income will follow. Focus on the money and your business may suffer for it.

It is the primary focus for almost every professional to provide good service. If not, you can pretty much accept the fact you will be out of business rather quickly. But when we provide a good service that helps your clients, how far should you go? How much responsibility do we accept if they do not get the results they expected? What are the rules and guidelines when in practice regarding what is good service and how should it be provided? Well, there really aren't specific rules and guidelines, but there are some general guidelines to be followed.  But part of the conflict that exists is the practitioner may have issues about success, money, receiving, etc. We must work on our own issues as we help other people with theirs. Clear the road for personal abundance and do good work. You just may be surprised at what happens.

Making Money - A Common Major Conflict For Hypnotists

An Agreement
The easiest way to look at creating a balance when working in the office with clients, is to explain “the ground rules” in your pre-talk. A simple verbal agreement can do this before you start the first session. “I promise to provide the best service I can for you to (fill in blank – why they came to you) and you promise to be involved, as I have explained, during the sessions and between our sessions. Do you agree?” This simple agreement puts the responsibility on the client, where it belongs. All you can do is provide your service, just like any other working professional. We cannot be responsible as to whether the client’s desire is true and motivating them to change or if they will listen to hypnosis CDs between sessions, if that’s part of your program, or show up for their scheduled sessions and have a true desire to be there. This agreement alone will remove that conflict for most practicing hypnotism professionals.  But there’s more to look at…

Creating Balanceprofit
Another issue involved with this conflict is what we can call hyper-compassion, for lack of a better term. People in the “healing arts” and CAM (Complementary Alternative Medicine) professions sometimes have difficulty in placing a line in the emotional sand. When we become too attached to the client’s “pain” or how their issues are affecting their life, we become out of balance. Once out of balance everything that follows becomes out of balance; your program structure, your approach during the session and how you provide your services and ultimately your business. We need to know and understand our role, how to play it and the best way to create balance at what we do and in or business. When I talk about this with people around the world I am sometimes asked, “But what if that’s just your Nature?” The simple answer is to find people you can add to your staff who are strong in areas you are not. But for most people in our profession, it seems this is not an option as they don’t have the resources and work alone, maybe even part time. That’s’ when it is a necessity to start with self and work at the areas that require change and balance in order to have a successful practice that is fair to you and your clients. There are always two points to consider. We are in the 1) business of 2) helping people. And as Henry Leo Bolduc once said to me after I asked him what he thought about people making a lot of money in our profession, “The more money you’re making means the more people you’re helping.” This will happen when you provide a good service and have a
balanced business model and approach to your business.

There is the obvious benefit the client receives and that is relief of their issue they came in to have help with, however, there are benefits for you when your business is successful. Of course the obvious is a better lifestyle, reduced financial stress and a happiness that fills you knowing you get to get up and do what you love to do each day. I can’t really bring back that feeling I used to have when I’d wake up in dread because I had to go to a job I didn't like but needed. I now wake up usually not knowing the actual day and feel good knowing I’m going to do something each day that will assist people around the world to feel better while I live a way I once struggled to achieve. And why not?

Another benefit that I am very grateful for are the options available when you don’t have to focus on creating enough income to survive but can do as you please with your time. The one thing I love that this luxury brings is working with people who need the help and can’t afford it. One of the most gratifying things for me is the amount of time and resources I can provide people in need at my expense. I've been able to provide as much free service as some people practicing part time earn in the same year. This would not be possible if my business or I were out of balance and had any conflict about providing service and business... and feeling comfortable with getting paid and making money.

And there is the benefit the profession receives. If all of us in business were working part time only and not making any money (unsuccessful business) what would be the perception of our profession? People might think it can’t be any good if we aren't successful doing what we do. Our success will attract more people to what we have to offer because it must mean “it works.” And as it is said, “Success leaves tracks.” We can all succeed in the business of hypnotism while helping more people around the world. Find your balance, do good work, help more people and be successful as you remove the internal conflict.

Making money is a common major conflict for hypnotists but the bottom line is, the more you are making, it's an indication of the more people you are helping. What are your thoughts?

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