Simon Cowell Hires Hypnotist To Help X Factor Contestant Tamera Foster Remember Lyrics

Maybe you've heard;  Simon Cowell hires hypnotist to help X Factor contestant Tamera Foster remember lyrics. Well, it appears Tamera has already been in "the bottom two" and Cowell is frantic to better her standing. Simon is reported as saying publicly she is a star and he genuinely thinks she could be massive internationally like Leona Lewis - but she isn't connecting with the public. Please note, this is the X Factor aired in England. It should also be noted that "the hypnotist" that was hired has seemed to be left out of most of the reports, articles and posts you will find when doing an internet search. However, I'm very glad to say I've met and know the hypnotist that helped Tamera Foster and can tell you he is a true professional and skilled colleague... hypnotherapist  Christian Baker. Well done Christian!


Some people find it an almost desperate, last ditch effort, to use hypnosis to help with remembering song lyrics, however, hypnosis is commonly used to assist people improve memory, remove mental blocks and reduce and eliminate tension, stress and performance based anxiety. Any performer, at any level, be it singing, musical and athletic, can benefit using hypnosis. Many well known actors, athletes, musicians and performers have used hypnosis. It's just not well publicized, but if it was you'd find more people seeking the services of hypnotism professionals. And it would be top of the list of choices rather than after almost all other approaches had been used and failed or worked temporarily.

Simon Cowell hires hypnotist to help X Factor contestant Tamera Foster remember lyrics and it will be interesting to see how Tamera does as she proceeds, be it on the X Factor or in her career however it may continue. We wish her all the best as well as anyone pursuing a dream.

And... maybe hypnotherapist Christian Baker has a thing or two to add for us all to learn a bit more?


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