Oprah, Mayo Clinic And Harvard Support Hypnosis

It continues to be as misunderstood as anything you might discuss, yet Oprah, Mayo Clinic and Harvard support hypnosis, and for good reason... It Works! You can find a list of articles and information on Oprah's website how hypnosis is used to assist in reaching weight loss goals and more and you can read reports from Harvard Medical School how a study by radiologists at Harvard Medical School, published in 2000, found that patients who received hypnosis during surgery required less medication and had fewer complications and shorter procedures than patients who did not have hypnosis. The Mayo Clinic makes available a list of reasons why hypnosis should be used and the positive effects it has on health and healing, both physically and emotionally.

Many celebrities have come out and endorsed hypnosis for behavior and habit relief, such as:

  • Kevin Costner
  • Alan Alda
  • Matt Damon
  • MadonnaNewsweek
  • Ellen DeGeneres
  • Martha Stewart
  • Tiger Woods
  • Kesha
  • Fergie (of the Black Eyed Peas)
  • Duchess Kate Middleton
  • Princess Diana
  • Sarah Ferguson
  • Bruce Willis

And More... as the list goes on. Suffice it to say hypnosis is becoming more popular and will continue to become used by more people once a clear understanding becomes known and the myths and misconceptions begin to disappear that have misled people for too long. It's the lack of a true understanding of hypnosis that has unfortunately kept people away from the powerful benefits the timeless process offers.

Oprah, Mayo Clinic and Harvard support hypnosis as well as leading medical facilities, hospitals and universities around the world. There is no secret that hypnosis is a viable approach for relief and assistance to many of life's issues and health and healing. What about you? Have you tried hypnosis for some personal or medical issue?

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