Poverty vs Prosperity – A Subconscious Conflict – How to Create an Attitude for Prosperity

It’s probably safe to assume all people would like to have prosperity in their lives and as much as they need to remove the stress, tension and problems that come when trapped in a poverty mindset. No one really wants to struggle and there actually is prosperity, be it money, love, friendship, opportunity, or anything we desire to have in abundance, and it’s all around us. Most people who have become prosperous come from very humble beginnings and some from very challenging circumstances. That being so, why is it most people remain stuck and limited? The answer is in the way we think and the lack of understanding and not applying subconscious mind processes that can set us free.

Over the course of time the practice of using the subconscious mind to create simple and even profound personal change has been taught and embraced in cultures around the world. Wong Tai, the Father of Chinese Medicine (2,600 B.C.) left details of trance-producing incantations and healing activities. The Jewish Scriptures, the Talmud, and the Hindu Vedas gave detailed accounts of procedures we might consider today to be hypnotism. Hippocrates, the acknowledged Father of Western Medicine, wrote about “hypnotic incidents.” Even some of the great minds of our time, such as Thomas Edison, Albert Einstein, Sigmund Freud, Henry Ford and Winston Churchill, have all been known to use the process of self-hypnosis to tap into the power of the subconscious mind, which we all possess. Whether we know it as meditation, visualization, or guided imagery, it is self-hypnosis. I am going to share the natural and simple way to shift your subconscious limitations, which are based on beliefs, that over time have become strong unconscious thought habits. These habits then lead to the actions we take and the outcomes we have. There is one key point that most people overlook and that is consistency. It was consistency in the negative thoughts, feelings and actions that have continued to create the negative outcomes, therefore it only makes sense that it will take a consistent approach to shifting that mindset to create better outcomes.

One way to look at what goes on in life is with a short acronym TFAR. Thoughts lead to Feelings, which lead to Actions, which then lead to Results. If we do not like the results we are having then we must look at the preceding thoughts. However, because these thoughts are at a subconscious level, it requires subconscious techniques or processes to make these changes and address the issues at hand. And what we are basically addressing are our beliefs. Keep in mind beliefs are imagined thoughts. Once a belief is proven it then becomes a fact. It is not a fact that we are to remain limited and in a state of lack. It is not a fact that there is not enough of whatever we want to be able to live the way we desire. It’s all in the beliefs we have and those beliefs were implanted by other people and through our own perceptions of our past experiences. Once we turn those beliefs around and release limiting beliefs and consistently think, feel and act upon our beliefs with a prosperity mindset, the results have to change. As Einstein said, “It has to be, it’s simple physics.”556471_10151084471704002_2104806157_n

The way the subconscious mind works is through imagery. Whatever we hear we translate into images in order to associate to the words. And to quote Albert Einstein once again, “When you change the way you look at something, what you look at changes.” In a word that would be perception. The way I explained this to a nine year old client was, “Your imagination is behind the thoughts and feelings you don’t like… but… you can tell your imagination what to do.” Surely a simple way to express this process but it worked for her. Instead of us believing we must follow the habitual subconscious thoughts and beliefs, we can stop and interact and not accept what we have all along and change direction. Let’s look at one way to do this.

To Begin:
To best enter the place where we daydream and receive ideas, find a quiet place where you will not be disturbed. No phone, no email, etc. This is your personal, private time. Begin by taking a few deeps breaths and focus on allowing your body to relax and settle into where you are sitting comfortably. Bring your attention to your breathing and feel the comfort of taking a moment for yourself… and that it is okay to do so.

Next, begin to look back on the images that relate to your past experiences about money or having whatever you desire to have in your life. What were the circumstances? What did the people around you say and pass on to you either directly or indirectly? What have been your beliefs that have kept you limited? Realize this simple truth… when all of this took place you were younger and didn’t know better. The people who said what they said and did what they did had their own limited beliefs for reasons they never addressed and did the best they could with what they had as their belief system.

Now… let that go with a deep breath and remind yourself that everyone has the same rights to allow prosperity into their lives. See the child that still exists within you and feel and know that he or she absolutely deserves to be prosperous, healthy and happy.

Now… tell yourself this: “I am an open channel to the Universe and allow abundance to flow into my life. I accept my birthright to be prosperous, healthy and happy and am grateful for this powerful assistance.”

As you do this, begin to see your life as you desire. You create the limits. It can be whatever you decide. Be very clear as to what it is. The more detailed and clear the instructions you are creating, the better it is understood as to what is to come into your life. Do this as long as it feels comfortable and remember to be consistent with daily practice.

Then as you go about your day, focusing on your day, be aware of the shifts, changes and even subtle things that start to happen. Feel the energy of belief and acceptance as you continue to release old beliefs as easily as people released the belief the Earth was flat. Enjoy living as the co-creator you were born as, using this self –hypnosis process to create the life you desire.

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