Is It Okay to Hypnotize Children? Can Children “Be Hypnotized?”

There are many questions regarding hypnosis and using it with children. Can they be hypnotized? Is it safe to do so? What are the benefits of hypnotizing children? CBS News reports on children and hypnosis.... and their results may surprise you.

Robert Shacter of New York's Mount Sinai School of Medicine talked about children and hypnosis on The Saturday Early Show. He says children tend to respond to hypnotic suggestion better than adults because they are more in touch with their imaginations.

Children can be hypnotized as early as age 3, he says, adding, "But in my personal experience, I have found that children ages 5 or older respond best to the treatment."

Shacter goes on to share more information and many questions are answered in this CBS report. You can check out the rest of it here: CBS Report

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