Without This You Are Probably Doomed To Fail… No Matter What

If you’re curious button is on even the slightest setting, you have to be wondering what “this” is that is so important in order to prevent the looming doom of failure. Know that it is not only important as a hypnotist, but as a person and in almost all we do, especially if we are to be successful. I, like many of my colleagues and people in my circle of influence, agree there is one very important yet not often discussed key factor in the success of you as a person or as a hypnotism professional. In a word, it is Confidence!

*Reminder: Merriam Webster’s dictionary defines success as; favorable or desired outcomes.

Confidence is the foundation on which we stand in order to do almost anything. It took confidence to start making your own decisions as a child, confidence to speak back to parents and exercise our independence, confidence to walk to school on your own for the first time, confidence to approach someone and ask for a date, confidence to think you can actually hypnotize someone, confidence to sit alone with that first client… and it goes on and on and on. It takes a certain amount of confidence to do almost anything for without it there is no belief you can. And now notice I include the word belief in a way that is has something to do with confidence, because it does.

The Confidence Contradiction
We begin with confidence naturally as children even before we can walk and talk. It’s natural, yet along the way our belief system gets corrupted and changes in ways that diminishes confidence to the point where people become limited and stuck. This is something you neither want to take to the office nor allow to continue in any way. And it’s something that is needs to be addressed with clients if they are to have successful outcomes working with a hypnotism professional. In order to be the best at what you do, in business and in life, confidence is a must. If not, there is a lot of hoping going on mixed with doubt and disbelief.

Natural Confidence
I’m not sure if there is such a term used but let’s first look at “natural confidence”, meaning not something learned but naturally a part of us… instinctive. Before learning much of anything at all we all had the confidence to do amazing things. Everything we learned we learned without any background, it was all new, however there was excitement and enthusiasm and a natural internal desire to do and learn more. We spoke up for ourselves as children, said what we didn’t like and what we did, asked when we needed something and reached beyond our limits in order to become more and tap into our vast potential. We didn’t settle or refer to doing the same thing as a comfort zone, it was considered more of a rut and to feel punished is we had to repeat things as opposed to moving forward in life. We didn’t care what other people thought about us or what they had to say. If you felt like looking up at the sky while turning in circles with your arms outstretched, you did it, no matter how silly anyone thought it was. So what happened along the way? Enter the word belief.

Believed Confidence
Once again, I don’t know if this term exists but it’s how I can explain what I need to in order to share with you today. Our natural confidence got interrupted. Imagine a computer program that works perfectly until viruses are downloaded, which then corrupt the program and it becomes faulty. As children our filters don’t work so well and all the things we hear from adults, who we perceived knew better than we did as children, allowed in comments and opinions of others who had their own issues and thus corrupted our natural confidence files. Self-doubt began, a belief that we may not be what we had thought we were all along. Gee, maybe those people are right and I shouldn’t do that or say that. Maybe I won’t become anything special and life is scary. What madness. And the same thing happened to those adults when they were children, who now spread the virus which limits natural confidence. However, there IS good news. Beliefs are not facts and beliefs can be reframed.

Reframing Limited Beliefs
I’ve read many wonderful quotes by Albert Einstein and one was “When you change the way you look at something, what you look at changes.” I clearly see this as perception. To change perception changes beliefs for beliefs we have are the way we ‘looked at something’, which in turn changed the way we thought about said thing or our belief about it, including self. In almost every session I do with a client, regardless of why they come to see me, I include such reframes and increase their self-confidence. If not I know they will have less of a chance to be successful at whatever it is they are seeing me for… the personal changes they seek. When someone believes they can, things happen. And as an NGH Certified Instructor it is a must to instill confidence in my students that they absolutely can do this work and be good at it. But none of this would be possible if I didn’t have the level of confidence I know has allowed me to do the many things I have thus far in my life. Increase confidence and create a stronger foundation from which to achieve great things.

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