What Exactly is the Hypnotic State or Trance?

During a hypnosis session a client may hear the word "deeper" a lot. In truth, it's not really going "deeper" but the brain waves slowing down. When we achieve different levels of trance it's all in regard to the brain wave cycles per second slowing down. But what is "trance"?

The dictionary defines trance as: 1) a half-conscious state, seemingly between sleeping and waking, in which ability to function voluntarily may be suspended. 2) a state of complete mental absorption or deep musing.

What is trance is something we all experience continuously through the day and night. When we drift off, zone out, get startled, daydream, etc. we are in a temporary trance state. It is in this state the conscious thinking mind is observing rather than taking over and getting in the way. This chart below may help you understand this even better.

Brain Rhythm Evolution
(cycles per second)

Outer Conscious Level



Smell                                        BETA  (14-21 cps)



Inner Conscious Level

Programming plane

E.S.P.  Meditation

Adding new program                         ALPHA  (7-14 cps)

Deleting old program

Dream control

Inner Conscious Level

Control over body

Deep programming:

Painless surgery                                THETA  (4-7 cps)



Unconscious Level

Processing and Healing

The body at rest / Sleep:                   DELTA  (4 cps)

Reviewing and sorting

information in last 24 hrs.

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