Is Self Hypnosis And The Law Of Attraction Working For You?

Since the release of the DVD The Secret there has been a lot of talk about manifesting abundance via the Law of Attraction. I have to ask, is self hypnosis and the law of attraction working for you? If not, you might have wondered why it hasn't. Well, maybe this will help you...

That DVD and the message in The Secret even made it onto Oprah a few times, which means however many people saw The Secret, multiply that by at least 50 or 100. The irony is this process has been used since the beginning of time and has been written about and talked about by famous people throughout history. Everyone from Jesus, Buddha, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Edison and Winston Churchill to present day lecturers and philosophers have known of this powerful process to live life on purpose. But… it isn't all that simple.

Is Self Hypnosis And The Law Of Attraction Working For You?

The basic premise is a simple one to understand, “what you focus on expands”, meaning your thoughts are at the root of all that manifests in your life, good or bad. It gets deeper and more intense but that’s the basis of what this is all about. However, like I said, it’s not that simple. You see, may people have internal saboteurs that prevent the Law of Attraction from working for them with positive results. It’s not their fault, they just weren't taught giftthe principles that are available to live smarter and not harder.

In order to be open to attract good things into our lives we must at a deep subconscious level feel worthy and deserving. We must be in action too. Many people believe manifesting abundance is simply a matter of visualizing it and it arrives on your doorstep. Wouldn't it be great if that’s all there was to it? Opportunities are everywhere and sometimes we need to allow ourselves to be put in the path of these opportunities. Also, we need to be aware and to recognize the things that do come into our life in order to practice gratitude, which is a catalyst to this process of attraction. There is more to it but starting here will begin shifting your energy and create a more optimum self situation to have the Law of Attraction work for you.

Of course those of us who work with clients for personal change know that some of the beliefs and emotions are deeply rooted but with well structured self help guidance this can change in a positive way. Awareness is the first step, personal truth and honesty without self judgment, also forgiveness to release the clinging to the past and the “blame game” and removal of the emotional clutter is part of the program I present. We need to shift from living in the past. It is so important to let go of focusing on what was and to have present moment focus and to be open to all possibilities on levels that may be at first difficult to wrap your mind around. When we talk about abundance we need to understand it is us who put limits on what’s possible. The Universe can and will deliver quickly and on such a grand scale it will seem miraculous… if you are prepared and ready.

As it has been said the Universe likes speed and challenge. Be specific and detailed as to what you desire, believe it is possible even beyond your wildest dreams and recognize it as it happens with gratitude and excitement. Kick the vibration level of your emotions into overdrive and rejoice. Nothing feels better than feeling good and feeling good increases the vibration of your emotions / energy. Dull, lack luster energy can only attract the same. Be aware. We were all born with free will, the ability to choose. Sometimes we over ride our intuition / gut feeling and don’t follow it and regret it later. Remove regret by clearing the internal clutter and saboteurs and open yourself up to receive the abundance that is waiting for you. Life doesn't happen by accident unless you allow it. Start living life on purpose and learn what people have known for centuries. The best part is you don’t have to run 5 miles a day to do it… just focus inward where everything happens.

Is self hypnosis and the law of attraction working for you? Maybe it's time to give it another try and see what happens this time. let us know... we love to read your comments.

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