Does the Movie ‘Get Out’ Present Hypnosis Unfairly… Or Did They get it Right?

In the movie, the central characters of Get Out meet to discuss upcoming weekend plans and the smoking habits of the protagonist, Chris Washington (Daniel Kaluuya). Missy, the mother of Chris’s girlfriend Rose (Allison Williams), offers her services as a hypnotherapist to help cure Chris of his habit of smoking. He refuses.

Later in the movie Chris, however, unwittingly becomes hypnotized in a conversation with Missy. This is the moment that starts the chain of events and horrific ordeal Chris undergoes later in the movie. So... did they get it right... or is this yet another Hollywood unfair representations of hypnosis?

John Kihlstrom, a University of California, Berkeley professor who researches and writes on hypnosis says;

“You have to be willing to be hypnotized,” Kihlstrom tells Inverse. “Nothing happens in hypnosis without the subject’s active involvement. There’s no surreptitious hypnosis, except in movies.”

Hopefully one day people will come to realize it was Hollywood movies and books of fiction that have misled the public of a timeless, natural, safe and highly effective way to make positive changes and enhance abilities you already have. Hopefully... one day.

The full report on the movie can be read here: Click here for the full report

Full disclosure... the image of the hypnotist in this post is "Svengarlic" from a 3 Stooges episode.

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